Best Drum Pads 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Drum Pads 2019 are designed with high quality for the purpose of practicing without waking up your neighbors. These practice pads are designed for the students who are beginners in this field. Your rhythm and strokes are separated from the drum sounds. It depends on your style and type that which drum pad is going to suit you. No matter if you are a newbie or a professional, you need to buy the Best Drum Pad for you.

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In the market, you will find lots of Best Drum Pads with various features and price ranges. This type of practice drum allows you to practice with free mind without disturbing anyone else. Now you can practice with silence which was not possible in past. So let us have a look at these extraordinary drum pads for you.

1.Evans Double-Sided Practice Pad

This practice pad is available in 6 and 12 inches in diameter. The drum pads with small size are the best choice for your kid who has just started practicing or the one who is worried about carrying the practice pad while traveling. The standard size is of 12 inches because it easily fits into the ideal snare drum basket. These practice pads can be placed over any flat surface like on table tops but when you are practicing at home like a real practice lesson then you should play on your practice pad with right kind of habits. These practice pads are two-sided.

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On one side of the pad, there is neoprene while on the other side there is gum rubber. The neoprene surface will give you’re a professional feel because it has a harder surface. On the other hand, the gum rubber is softer and is for your convenience.


  • This best drum pad with 12 inches easily fits into the standard snare drum basket.
  • These practice pads are a real substitute for the acoustic drums.
  • These drum pads are available in three different sizes; 6”, 7” and 12”.
  • These practice pads are double sided which are made of high quality.
  • It is very easy to use and do not disturb your neighbors.
  • These are double sided giving you a professional feel.


  • When you play it there feels some smells which are not good.


2.Pyle Electronic Drum Set Pad

This Electronic Drum Pad comes with built-in speakers and foot pedals. This drum kit is all in one which is a portable and compact kit with the tabletop design. There are a number of built-in sounds in this set. You can record, edit and save all your recordings.

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The best thing about this drum pad is that you can compose your own music with the help of it. It is made in the US and tells us that it is most durable in nature. You can adjust its volume tools for rhythm, beat, and tempo. The pedal controllers are designed for big drummers. Its drum trainer function will help you when you are a beginner.


  • This electronic drum pad kit comes with ¼ inch headphone jack.
  • There are hundreds of built-in sounds there are present in it.
  • You can connect it to your computer to know about some other features.
  • It has a learning mode which is specially designed for the beginners.
  • There are foot pedals and drumsticks included in this drum kit.
  • This drum set comes with preset kits and it also contains 10 preset empty slots.
  • There is a built-in metronome in it which is a significant learning tool for the starters.
  • Its learning mode is very helpful to train the beginners.
  • It can mute during practice and LED display is there to guide you.
  • You can record your practice and evaluate your mistakes.
  • It has an economical price.


  • While you play the pedals begin to move around.


3.Vic Firth Dual-Sided 12 Inches Practice Pad

This Best Drum Pad is made with the best quality which improves your learning with its silence feature. This best drum pad comes with the wooden base which adds to your comfortable playing. With the soft rubber side you can practice quietly while with its hard surface, you can play intensively. The sides can be flipped easily whenever you want. You can easily place it on your existing drum heads or it can be set on separate stands for practice sessions.

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  • You can play on any side of this double-sided practice pad.
  • It offers a great variety to the drummers who are looking for it.
  • When you practice with this pad then it gives you a realistic feel.
  • The softer side allows you to play with more speed and control.
  • It is a double-sided practice pad with unlimited options.
  • With its soft side, you can play without making any noise.
  • The harder side is for intense drumming experience.
  • It is portable and you can carry it with your during travel.


  • When you struck it, it feels bouncy.
  • It doesn’t have raised the level for you.


4.Tosnail Silent 12 Inches Practice Drum Pad

This is an Extraordinary Drum Pad with a silent feature. The best thing about this drum pad is that it is odorless and environmentally friendly. There is gum rubber on one side and sponge on the other side to prevent the noise. So every drummer who is practicing must buy this drum practice pad for the best experience.

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  • It comes in blue and grey color and you are buying it for your kid then the blue color is a smart option.
  • It is 12 inches in diameter.
  • It is an extra value pad with drumsticks absolutely free.
  • It is very affordable to buy for every drummer who is a beginner.
  • Its one side is made with gum rubber and the other side is made with sponge fabric.
  • With its wooden base, it is a very durable practice pad.
  • It has a sturdy and compact design which makes it an ideal practice drum pad.
  • It is virtually silent so you can practice freely without disturbing your neighbors.
  • The back surface is non-slip so you can practice without any trouble.
  • It comes with 16 inches drumsticks that are absolutely free.
  • It is available in blue and grey colors.


  • This practice drum pad is heavier as compared to the other drum pads.
  • It comes with a single-sided practice surface.



The Best Drum Pads are designed for the drummers who are beginners. We know that the beginners need more practice that is why it comes with a silent feature which allows you to practice without disturbing your neighbors. These entire best drum pads are made with high quality and durable in nature. It comes with an economical price which is not hard on the pockets of beginners.

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